Call, email or just come drop in during business hours.

Our clients over the years always say to us when they go away “just keep taking care of him like he’s yours.” To us, there is no greater compliment.

Barn hours 7:00 am to 9:30pm every day of the year.  We offer boarding services only in conjunction with a regular weekly lesson or training program.  We believe this is the best way for us to help keep your horse healthy, sound and in peak condition. Our owners come from as far away as Alexandria and Baltimore because they have high standards and want the best for their horse.

Stall Board (Includes $160 towards lessons or training per month) rates effective 2/1/12

  • Field Turn Out  $790/month Stall w/daily gender-based field turn-out  ($630 + $160 towards lessons/training)
  • Semi-Private Turn Out $890/month Stall w/daily semi-private paddock turn-out   ($730 + $160 towards lessons/training) When available.

Intermediate Stall Board (for horses in a active competition program) rate effective 5/1/15

For owners who are in an active competition program and need semi-private turnout, restricted diet, fly wraps, cotton or fly sheets in summer and multiple blanket changes in winter.  Intermediate boarded horses are in at least twice a week instruction or training program.

  • Semi-Private Turn Out $990/month Stall w/daily semi-private paddock turn-out ($830 + $160 towards lessons/training) When available.


Part/Half Leases

      Many of our boarders find it helpful to share their horse with someone else.  We frequently have students looking to part lease.  The owners retain all the rights of ownership, they just offer their horse for 2 or 3 days a week in exchange for help paying expenses.  The going “part lease” rate is $325 for 2 days a week and $450 for 3 days a week.  This comes directly off the owners board bill every month (the farm does not take anything for this service.)  Leasers are required to take lessons which helps maintain your horses’ level of training.

Full Leases

      This works differently as the Leaser takes all expenses on the horse and in turn can ride when ever they want and enter whatever competitions they want.  These are usually a minimum of 1 year, and only works if the owner isn’t riding at all.  This is perfect for people with heavy travel schedules or a college student who doesn’t take their horse to school with them.

Your Horses’ Care

     We feed our horses two or three meals a day and are very discerning when it comes to what our horses eat.  We feed top quality Purina Brand Feed and design your horses diet around their temperament, exercise and metabolism.  We are also extremely careful choosing our hays.  Everything is grown in Pennsylvania from experienced hay farmers we have sourced for years.   We go the extra mile for the hard keepers.   We work with your Veterinarian and Farrier to devise a supplement regime where necessary (though our Purina Feeds are well fortified.) We feed supplements in Smart Pak. We have solid relationships with many Vets in the area, so you can bring your own or we can recommend one for you. We will gladly schedule with your current Farrier and if that is not possible, we can recommend one for you.

     We schedule all routine Vet and all Farrier needs and all horses are on a bi-monthly health program with their particular Veterinarian.  

     One of our most popular services (included in your board rate) is that we will leave your horse in for you if you call before turnout.  For those with busy lives, it makes life much easier to have your horse in.

     We are also one of the few places where your dogs are welcome!  As long as they do not interfere with the health and well being of resident animals…you may bring your dog.

Grooming Services

Our Manager and students handle our Beauty Shop! They are skilled at safely and expediently trimming, bathing, sheath cleaning, clipping and braiding.  These services area available at fairly short notice, just let our manager Libby know, and we’ll take care of it!