EVENTING with Team Bascule

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EVENT COACHING with Julie and Andy

Most of our clients new to Eventing start competing at the Starter Horse Trials held at many of the local venues.  Fortunately, these venues also run the Recognized Events, so the Starters are a great way to get around the courses, and experience the full venue in a less stressful/less expensive setting.  The atmosphere is more relaxed, the jumps are inviting, and the competition is just like you…new or inexperienced and just wanting to have fun.

Julie really enjoys training young horses and riders who are new to the sport, or have training issues that require a patient systematic approach.  This is supposed to be an incredibly fun sport, yet challenging mentally and physically.  If you or your horse need to rebuild confidence and learn to have fun again, Julie can help you get there.   There are very specific training methods for each type of horse and rider who have reached plateaus. Having a confident, skilled, patient, persistent, safety oriented trainer there with you is imperative to your success.  Julie has developed riders and horses up to the One Star level for over 25 years.  Her extensive experience encompasses the two extremes of the off the track Thoroughbreds and the more laid back Warmblood breeds.  These two, frequently opposite types, are trained very differently and Julie has the experience of being successful with both.   

If you are new to Eventing, have a young horse that’s having problems, or just an amateur or junior who loves the sport, our Bascule trainers can help you progress!   Email Julie to set up a program to get you doing what you want with your horse!

TEAM MEMBERS: There are minimum qualifications to ensure you and your horse are safe and well prepared.  To qualify to participate, riders must be consistently riding at least 3 days per week.  Their lessons focus on preparation for Dressage tests, Show Jumping Courses, Conditioning and Cross Country Jumping. Event Team members must either lease or own their own horse to participate off the property for safety reasons.