Resident Students

Resident Student Program

We are interviewing now for a good fit for August 2018. Interviews are multiple days and are scheduled Tuesday/Wednesdays or Friday/Saturdays.  

We are a USPC Approved Riding Center, so students who are active Pony Club members receive training constant with the philosophy and progression of this program. A syllabus is available for those students looking to progress within the Certification system in USPC.

Bascule Farm, LLC, offers a terrific opportunity for serious riders to hone their equestrian skills in our year long resident student program. We are a big, active Eventing-oriented barn and have a reputation for an exceptional student program.  Our program is 28 years old…we know what students want to learn and the best way to ensure they get the training they sign up for.  Many of our former students come back later for additional training, are active professionals in the business and are part of our extended family.  When you come here as a resident student, your riding and training come first.

The Benefits of this program:  Students receive at least four lessons a week from a senior instructor, coaching & hauling to events and daily working with at least 4 quality thoroughbred and warmblood sport horses. We are looking for riders who want to compete their own and or young horses up to twice a month at events (both starter and recognized).  If you have your own horse, you can compete at Area II events (which are EVERY weekend from late March to Mid November) with coaching and hauling covered by us.  It’s a great place to bring both your going N/T horse or your green resale project.  We’ve had multiple students go from Elem to Prelim in a year depending on their horses skill level. Candidates who complete a full 50 week program get excellent references and prove to potential employers they have strong work ethic, developed horsemanship skills and can fulfill a commitment.  We offer employment help to all students who stay at least a year.

The Horses:  Our resident students get the opportunity to ride a wide range of high quality warmblood, crossbred and TB sport horses.  We have everything from OTTBs to homebred warmblood crosses in both Dressage and Eventing.  We consider some of our horses educators so our students learn the skills they need to become professionals in their field.

Application Process:  If you are prepared to buckle down and focus on your riding and training for a full year, then fill out our Application, and email it with your resume to    A video of your riding (on the flat and over fences) is appreciated but not required.  If you have any questions about the program, go ahead and ask by email first.  We will arrange a phone interview as soon as I receive your application and video. We then can set up a riding interview.  Candidates arrange to come and stay for a minimum of 2 full days to see what our program offers.  Shuttle service to/from Baltimore Washington International (BWI) or Dulles International Airport (IAD) can be arranged.

Requirements: Applicants must be at least 18 years old, have a high school diploma or equivalent and have current medical insurance.  An educational stipend of $5000 is available for students who commit to our year program.  You need to be comfortable and motivated to care for horses including mucking, feeding, turn out, haying, watering, bedding etc as a team.  We do ask for a resume of any work experience with employers’ names and contact information.  If you have a riding or trainer reference-even better!

Minimum riding qualifications:  Applicants must be interested in competing in Eventing or Dressage at least at the lower levels.  In your riding, you need to be moving toward an independent seat, starting basic lateral movements (i.e., leg-yielding, shoulder-in) and be safe, confident and comfortable jumping at least 3′.  Must have a forward thinking attitude to be able to ride xc.  If you are a very timid rider and risk adverse, Eventing is not the sport for you!  We also start a small group of 3 year old Warmblood crosses every year, so confidence dealing with the unexpected is necessary.

Typical day: Feeding starts at 7am, then leading horses in from turnout (summer), cleaning stalls, bedding, haying, watering and sweeping. A half hour lunch break gives you time to change, lesson at 12:30, then ride/work with up to 3 more, 4pm tack cleaning/put away, 430-530 evening feeds and turnout. There is a lot of walking horses in/out. Remember that working with horses is never a “typical day” but there is always lots to learn at a facility like ours.  Your lessons are GUARANTEED.  We have a whole bunch of former students that can vouch for the fact you ride A LOT and GET the instruction you’re promised.  It’s a 5 and a half day week.

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Housing:  Our lovely furnished dormitory on the farm has six good-size private bedrooms, three full baths, a common living room, a huge eat-in kitchen with private cabinetry for each student, and a laundry room.  It is a non-smoking environment both in the dorm and in the barns.  Due to the nature of our facility and housing, we do not allow your house pets or overnight guests (visitors must stay off property). Housing includes all utilities except long-distance phone.  We have DirecTV and wireless Internet access as well.

References: Many of our former students stay in touch and will happily answer any questions you might have.  We are very proud of their accomplishments…whether it be a college degree, a super job training and teaching with a fine facility, or the families they now have of their own.   Their email addresses can be sent to you once we receive your application.

“As a trainer, I’ve designed this program to give talented young riders a solid chance to see if this is really what they want as a vocation…and to give them the skills they need to market themselves as professionals.  It’s been over 25 years, and I would hire every one of our graduates back onto our staff if I could!” Julie Hagen